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In 2016-17, Circle of Friends served 32 different youth in our community, from age 6 – 13.   Over six years, that total is 42 youth.

Short term goals/outcomes for children are:

  1. Increased School Success
  2. Enriched Social and Emotional Development
  3. Improved Health
  4. Self-Guided Decision Making
  5. Plans and Skills for the Future

Longer term outcomes include:

  • Increased rate of high school graduation.
  • Decrease in early parenting.
  • Decrease in juvenile system involvement.

Ultimately, the outcome is to create generational change, that ends the cycle of poverty experienced by these youth and their families.

Twenty-five years of results and research at Friends of the Children is proving this can be done.

  • 83% graduate from high school.
  • 93% avoid the juvenile justice system.
  • 98% avoid early parenting.

In Sisters, we have six years of results to confirm that we are on the right path.