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While kids are our primary focus, mentoring can also have a powerful ripple effect on families, children and entire communities. Read some of the testimonials below to see what people are saying about Circle of Friends.

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“Circle of Friends is a vital support network for at-risk youth in the Sisters School District. What makes Circle of Friends special and unique, is their commitment to long-term mentoring relationships with the kids they serve.

This is my 30th year as a professional educator and I have spent most of those years serving Special Education and at-risk youth and I can say without hesitation that Circle of Friends does an outstanding job because they involve the local community and they screen and attract dedicated adults who commit to long term caring relationships.

I am greatly appreciative of the niche that Circle of Friends fills for us in the Sisters School District in helping at-risk youth be successful in school!”

Jim Golden
Superintendent, Sisters School District

“I can’t say enough how excited and grateful I am to have Circle of Friends in Sisters Elementary School. Beth and Drew are in our school weekly working with their buddies and you can see how much of a difference it is making in these little children’s lives.

We have some of our most challenging kids who have struggled with anger and gotten into fights and have had regular outbursts and even in the first months of them working with these children, there are great gains. We see them being more focused in class, getting into less trouble and feeling better about themselves.

Circle of Friends is obviously an amazing gift to these children and it is a huge support to those families, many of whom are struggling themselves to make it financially or provide all that’s needed for their challenging child.

Finally, Friends is impacting our whole school. Other kids see the Friends around school and have benefited from the positive role modeling and seeing the Friends interact in a positive way with their buddies. We are so fortunate in Sisters to have this program and I am so thankful that Duncan and Beth have walked through our doors! This is a phenomenal program.”

Shawn P. Diez, MA

“Mentoring programs like Circle of Friends provides our students with a positive sustained relationship needed to grow into healthy, productive students in our schools. Beth and her mentors have done a great job of connecting with families and students to build lasting relationships with some of our most vulnerable children. We look forward to their future success with our students”

As the Lead Teacher and a Kindergarten Teacher I can wholeheartedly support the concept of the Circle of Friends in our elementary school. As our demographics change in Sisters I have seen a greater need for support of some of our children and families.

If we can help them make positive changes in the early years of their school experience it will bode well for the remainder of their years in school. Unfortunately, the schools cannot do this work alone. Outside organizations like Circle of Friends enable us to reach families that are most needy. Poverty, family dynamics, neglect, academic failure, and school absences all contribute to the lack of success for some of our students.

Mentoring programs like Circle of Friends provides our students with a positive sustained relationship needed to grow into healthy, productive members of our community.”

Barbara Kamrath
Lead Teacher, Sisters Elementary School