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Circle of Friends Oregon is dedicated to helping at-risk children and developing strong mentors. We want to help our children develop life skills, social skills, academic success, and help them show off their individual talents.

Your financial gift makes it possible to provide support for more than 30 youth in the Sisters community at “NO COST TO THE CHILDREN.”

It provides:

  • Opportunities for youth to participate in after-school activities, along with their peers.
  • Materials, equipment, supplies and instruction for all of programs available to youth through Circle of Friends. ( LEGO Robotics, Culinary Classes, Art Workshops, Therapeutic Animal Experiences, Community Outings, etc.)
  • Summer camps, outdoor experiences, museum outings)
  • Mentor Training support
  • A safe, comfortable space for youth and mentors to gather, socialize and share activities

Yes! I would like to Donate

Circle of Friends 
PO Box 1718
Sisters, Oregon 97559

Circle of Friends is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

With so much at stake, we hope you will DONATE now! Our deepest THANK YOU to our past donors for their incredible generosity!

Foundation and Grant Partners

Bank of the Cascades
Braemer Charitable Trust (Trust Management Services)
The Campbell Foundation
The City of Sisters
The Collins Foundation
Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration
Mountain West Investment Group
The Nara Fund
The Oregon Community Foundation
Silver Family Foundation
Sisters Kiwanis Community Service Foundation

Business, Corporate & Community Partners

Bend Broadband
Coldwell Banker Realty
Construction Management Services
High Desert Museum
Jan McGowan Consulting
Melvin’s Fir Street Market
Metolius Properties
Simple ‘n’ Fresh
Sisters Coffee
Sisters Kiwanis
Sisters Movie House
Sisters Rental
Sisters Rotary
The Open Door
The Depot Cafe
Western Title and Escrow
Westside Church
Yo’ Bean
Zosel Harper Realty

Individual Supporters

Adams, Kevin & Laurie
Amsberry, Stephen & Kristi
Anglea, Michael
Anthony, Bill & Tracey
Atkins, Leonard & Karen
Ayers, Marti
Baldwin, Frank & Janice
Barnes, Deborah
Barnett, James & Marilyn
Beauclair, Kimberly
Beckwith, Jeff
Bertagna, Sharri
Birnbaum, Wendy
Blair, Ana
Brody, Clark & Barbara
Brownawell, Darrell & Marilyn
Buchholz, Teresa
Bullis, Catherine
Calkin, Melinda
Campbell, Kathryn
Carter, Bill & Gayle
Clasen, Tim & Marie
Cole, Jennifer
Collins, Robert & Valerie
Cornuelle, Richard
Craig, Tracy
Cusick, Patricia
Dake, Ben
Darcey, Floralei
Davis, Brad
Dawson, Sheri
Derksen, Edward
Duey, Jennifer
Durdan-Shaw, Robert & Ginger
Durham, Durham
Dutson, Margaret
Erving, Kristine
Everson, Greg
Falco, Kristine
Fisher, Mike & Sue
Fitterer, Camille
Fouts, Dan & Jeri
Fuller, Robert & Jane
Gabrielson, Carolyn
Glick, Cindy
Godsiff, Kathryn
Goebel, Linda
Grady, Kay
Graham, Adrienne
Graves, Mimi
Greer, Cindy
Greer, Steve
Griffin, Peyton
Griffin, Marna
Guild, James
Guthrie, Frank
Hammond, Eleanor
Hanson, Gwen
Harrison, Ken & Ginger
Hay, Mac & Jan
Hedrick, Donald
Holdman, Robyn
Hollern, Mike & Sue
Howells, Dick & Bonnie
Hoyt, Chuck
Hoyt, Linda
Hyland, Lynne
Joerger, James
Johnson, Carmel
Johnson, Jeffrey & Katherine
Johnston, Darlene
Jones, Edith
Jones, Nicoletta
Jones, Jeff
Jordan, Marean
Keefer, Christina
Kellogg, Susan
Kinley, Tom & Jeannie
Large, Larry & Marsha
Lawhun, Gerald & Janet
Lee, Marian
Legendre, Robert
Legg, Dennis & Robyn
Lipscomb, Paul & Donna
Lohrmann, John & Sharon
Longfield, Craig & Susan
Lounsbury, Lynn & Linda
Luz, Davina
Mackey, James & Judith
Manning, Marla
Marsh, Matthew & Shelley
Martin, Jan
McCormick, Jim & Barbara
McGowan, Jack & Jan
McKittrick-Taylor, Meredith
Meganck, Richard & Janet
Merritt, Nicole
Miller, Deborah
Morehead, Carol
Morgan, Lee & Mary
Musa, Terri
Musson, Jake
Myers, Myers
Neff, Kent
Nelson, Lawrence & Kathryn
Neufeldt, Patricia
Newport, Charles & Deborah
Nielsen, David
Norman, Patricia
Nygard, Glenn
Owen, Sue
Owens, Heidy
Patterson, Linda
Payne, Kay
Pepin, Suzanne
Peterson, Cheryl
Peterson, Martha
Pilak, Jeanette
Piper, Pat & Steve
Porter, William
Power, Joan
Reents, Paual
Reppenhagen, Frank & Sarah
Riede, Robert & Carol
Rietmann, Rand & Marcia
Robinson, Susan
Rognlien, Bruce & Marleen
Rudolph, Sheryl
Scheidegger, Alan
Scheidegger, Lois
Scheidegger, Mark
Seely, Douglas & Ruthann
Shaver, Janet
Shaw, Gordon
Sheppard, Keith & Greta
Shihadeh, Christine
Silvey, Virginia
Smith, Richard
Spiekerman, Naomi
Stabilini, Laura
Stamm, Doug
Stockton, Donna
Stout, Tracy
Sullivan, David & Lynda Jo
Teller, John and Amy Tykeson
Tewksbury, Donna
Thalacker, Rita
Tisdel, Brad & Tiffany
Tokarski, Jason
Tower, Dennis & Susan
Underwood, Wade
Ward, Jody
Watson, Judith
Wehrle, Gary & Eileen
Wieden, Dan & Priscilla
Willis, Fran & Ted Johnson
Wilson, Susan
Wineman, Marilyn
Wood, Ellen
Wood, James & Margaret
Wood, Lynne
Worcester, Lois
Wustenberg, Mark & Judy
Zosel, Carol & Chuck Harper